instructional design

my approach

I work on reducing complexity so that core concepts stand out. When meeting with clients, subject matter experts, and colleagues, my objective is to help them visualize the learning problem so that they can identify obstacles and challenges. Needs assessments and curriculum maps help create links between the learners and the course material. From there, I move onto storyboarding, prototyping in Storyline, or drawing up outcomes/assessment/activities matrices, depending on the type of project.

Instructional design is an iterative process, with several consultations with the people involved and several test-redesign steps. The end result should be a clean, focused, useful course that achieves the objectives.

recent projects

Canadian Forces electronics school has been moving many of their core electronics courses online. I was a lead instructional designeri n this project. During the first phase of the project, I developed eight e-courses and four self-study booklet courses, including one gamified course.

Dietitians of Canada needed an online upgrading course for new professionals to learn new requirements for the registration exam. Over one year, I designed and developed the four-hour modular course with input from 30 SMEs. The ecourse launched in 2014, resulting in a very high passing rate on the exam and a nearly 100% satisfaction rating from teh learners.

Last Mile Learning's Influencing Without Authority is a facilitated training program for overseas aid organizations. It comprises a four-hour story-based presentation with practice activities, a learner booklet, a facilitator booklet, assessments, and a case study. This course is a re-design of an online course for face-to-face.

CONCURSO ENGLISH is an online test-prep course for Brazilian university graduates interested in taking the government English test for diplomatic careers. It was developed in Articulate Storyline using the rapid design method and comprises 12 lessons, each with 5 interactive modules. The desired outcome was a simple, intuitive program that moves from intermediate to advanced. 


related projects

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