I’m an instructional designer who develops engaging e-learning. My goal is to create online learning that uses technology, pictures, and storytelling effectively to draw participants in and let them practice new skills in ways that will easily transfer to their real life and jobs.

what I'm reading

e-Learning and the science of instruction (clark and mayer)

What really works in online education and training? Clark and Mayer review the research. Their discoveries are sometimes surprising and run counter to many of the trends in instructional design.

effective grading, 3rd edition (walvoord and anderson)

This book isn't really about grading at all. Instead, it demonstrates how assessment can be linked to learning outcomes and learning activities to ensure that real learning occurs.

e-learning by design (horton)

This thick volume is an encyclopedia of learning and assessment activities, grouped by type of learning outcome. 

the back of the napkin (roam)

Not about instructional design per se, this book explains how to use visual thinking tools (scribbles and diagrams) to bring out hidden ideas.

made to stick (heath and heath)

A recent classic about how to make information rememberable.

spare time

society for teaching and learning in higher education STLHE conference 

program committee, 2014 (present)

kingston foundation for autism 

board member (present)

calvin park community garden 

steering committee (present)

also: writing, publishing, winter gardening, cycling, music